• You can rent a car: After completing the reservation, it is necessary to wait for confirmation of the reservation, which will be sent to Your e. mail or You will be contacted by phone call.
  • Required documents - passport and driving license.
  • Cars can operate in the Republic of Lithuania and, upon written consent of the lessor, it can be used outside of the Republic of Lithuania borders.
  • For car hire, must leave a deposit in cash. Deposit fee You can find in car’s description. The deposit is returned after the end of the lease, if the vehicle is returned in good order, no additional defects and contract terms wasnt violated.
  • Automobiliai nenuomuojami naudojimui pervežant padidintos rizikos krovinius (degalai, degios, sprogios, cheminės medžiagos), saugos tarnybos paslaugoms teikti, taksi ar pavežėjimo veiklai vykdyti ir mokymams vairuoti.
  • Renter’s responsibility during insured event – from 300 EUR to 600 EUR for one traffic event.
  • Renter’s responsibility during not insured event – to compensate all direct and inderect losses: when the car is lost, arrested or irreparable damaged and insurance company doesn’t compensate for losses.
  • Mileage limitation – 300 km in 24 hours, if limitation is exceeded Renter will have to pay an additional EUR 0,1 per each additional kilometer.
  • Minimum rental period – 1 day, maximum – not limited. We can offer better rental prieces if renting period exceeds 1 month.
  • There is no extra charge for the young driver or an additional driver.
  • For smoking in the car fine 100EUR.
  • All the cars are in working order and insured with CASCO and third party liability insurance, valid throughout Europe.
  • If the car is returned with not full fuel tank, a administration fee of EUR 15 is charged, and for the missing amount of fuel the customer must pay according to the fuel station cash register receipt.
  • Fine for smoking in the car – 100 EUR.
  • If the car is returned without these items: warning devices, kits, fire extinguisher, wheel repair kit or spare wheel with the jack and tool kit, tow loops, wheel covers (except when there is a light alloy rims), fuel tank cap, the customer is fined for 50 EUR per item and for rugs set (4pcs.) – 100EUR.
  • For any traffic offenses, customer will be fined for 30 EUR each.
  • Any delay in returning the car for more than one hour, the tenant must pay a one-day fee. The following day is counted double the rental rate.
  • Losing the license plates or car key with remote control, customer will be fined with 150 EUR fine for each item.